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Nsis 09-11-2008 08:55 AM

Help with Ubunto HDD settings installition (sort of)
I hope you have time to answer this question:D

So I start to install linux thru the LiveCD, and chose manuely to set the paritios in the way I want, I have alrady made all the space and stuff I want for Linux to use, its jsut that when you select a disk you have something like 10 options to choose (and foramt that drive to), I jsut dont know what are those options (maybe only simple ones like swap which somoene explaind to me). Can someone pleas explain that list? :)

Some info:
- I have 2GB for swap, in "free space" format.
- 20G I want to use for main linux [os itself], formated allrady [NTFS]
- 20G I want to "add" to Wine (which I dont actualyl now how to do, and if I mention it does it need to be free space or can I format it alrady and then "add" it to Wine for more space for games?) This one is free space (what do I need to do with this incase I want to add this to Wine C drive?)
- About 10XG which I want to use in genral (for overall linux stuff, like downloads, storage, and stuff like that. Its important for me that I would be able to directly download stuff to there using programs like KTorrent for exmple).

So, I hope you understand my question and that you can help me, I think every linux user knows whats each drive format options means in the partitions list and how to use in the way I described above.

Big thanks for allways answring fast and helping me with those questions, I hope I wont stay a nebiw for to long :newbie: ...

jay73 09-11-2008 03:39 PM

OK, don't install Linux on NTFS, that is for windows. The only sensible reason that a Linuxdistro may offer NTFS is to allow you create an NTFS partition for data that you would like to be acessible from both Linux and Windows. Linux can read windows NTFS but Windows cannot read Linux file systems (although there are a couple of drivers available to make XP read ext2 and ext3.

20 GB for the OS is way too much. I would suggest:

/boot 128MB ext3
swap 2GB linux-swap
/ 12GB ext3 or xfs (xfs is faster than ext3)
/home the rest ext3 or xfs
Free space is not a filesystem type, it is simply space that will not be used. Not very useful.

Wine files will be stored in your home directory. You do not need a separate partition for downloads, they can be saved to a folder in your home directory.

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