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willl 07-09-2002 11:41 AM

Help with SAMBA
I Installed SAMBA on my newly setup RedHat 7.2 machine. I have DCHP working fine however when I attempt to join my new domain with win2k pro machines (which are all I have) I get errors. to be more specific,
"The account used is a computer account, Please us your global user account or local user account to access this server"
I see that error even when I use the root account.

I have read and read and read and I seem to be getting no where with this. please help.

As well, what determines whether or not an account is a global account.. and if you have a regular account how do you go about making it a global account??

Mithrilhall 07-09-2002 02:34 PM

Does your Redhat box belong to the same workgroup or domain as your W2k box?

If you can, post your smb.conf file contents here to we can look at it.

willl 07-09-2002 02:40 PM

Linux is setup as a PDC
I am setting up my Linux box to be my PDC actually.. but I am not able to join my new domain.

BenV 07-10-2002 03:35 PM

I have it running here.
For every w2k machine you need to create a "machine account" and of course you need a user to log on to.
I don't know what kind of user verification you're using, but if you're using it, make sure you add both a machine account and a user account with smbpasswd!
(you can make a machine account using smbpasswd -m, see the man pages)

willl 07-11-2002 12:11 AM

Ok guys I got some sense knocked into me .Thanks BenV you enforced something the book pointed out clearly. I relied on a script provided to automate the adding of my machine accounts. Well i found out that I had to do it manually,Wroks just fine if I do all my machine accounts manually. Do you know of anything I can use to automate thisprocess.
Thanks all for your help

BenV 07-11-2002 07:38 AM

It should be possible to add users automatically, but adding machine accounts automatically is a bit insecure, isn't it? :)
In the smb.conf file you can add a line for the users:
add user script = /usr/sbin/useradd -d /dev/null -g machines -s /bin/false %u
(or something like that to match your needs :))
Maybe you can write a little script to add all the machine accounts, but I wouldn't know where to get their names from....

willl 07-11-2002 12:10 PM

Thanks, the smb.conf line that you are asking me to include is the exact line that I depended on. I understand that possibile risk with adding machines automatically. But what do I do if I have 200 machines to add to the domain???

BenV 07-12-2002 12:45 PM

Well, if you have all the machine names in a list or something, you can write a script to add them automatically... otherwise you'd have to type them anyway :)
I haven't played around with automatically adding users much, so I don't know much about it.... (yet :))

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