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jeopardyracing 11-26-2003 04:53 PM

Help with Red Hat network Certificates
New Red Hat user here and I'm having a hell of a time updating the Up2Date certificates for the Red Hat network. The RPMs that Red Hat has released are extremly user unfriendly, as there are interdependencies that apparently require that they be installed from the same command line.

What is the syntax for installing two RPMs from the same command line? I can get it to put one of the certificates on using

rpm -Fvh /root/DIRECTORY/up2date.3[etc].rpm

But what does the syntax look like to add the second RPM to that command line? I know this is a silly question but I'm desperate here!


Rich Hoyer
Dell Latitude D600 Red Hat 9.0
Apple iBook G4 running Panther

hadding 11-26-2003 05:34 PM


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