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turalo 06-30-2006 05:07 AM

Help with grub booting
Hy guys, please help me if you can.
I had a leptop with WINXP and FC4 installed, it was working perfectly after some time of using I realise that I never used fc4, most of times I use vmware with a image or boot cd, so I deleted yesterday the fc4 partition and there was 1 extra small partition made by fc4 somelike 10mb that one in winxp was empty I delete that one too. after rebooting the laptop I got


nothing alse, and I tryed many commands nothing helps, I booted with knoppix and everything is there my winxp partitions and the other ones wich I removed and formated.

now I have to boot into winxp to use it,
can sombody tell me how to repair it so I can use WinXP only. I have diferent life linux cd's, I dont have any repair diskets and even a disket station on my laptop,please help if you can.

deroB 06-30-2006 05:35 AM

Do you have no WINXP rescue disk at all??
If you do have one, insert it and type "fixmbr".

If not look here:
This should work from the grub prompt(if windows is on hda1)

          grub> rootnoverify (hd0,0)
          grub> makeactive
          grub> chainloader +1
          grub> boot

once you're in window you can once again remove grub with "fixmbr"

tnandy 06-30-2006 11:27 AM

Here's what happened: When you installed Linux, the installer put a program named grub on your master boot record. In order to work, grub reads a file called grub.conf which tells it what operating systems are installed, where they are, etc. Grub.conf is normally located in one of your Linux partitions. When you deleted your Linux partitions, you also deleted grub.conf, so grub was no longer able to boot Windows automatically.

The Windows fixmbr program rewrites your master boot record and replaces grub with a program that allows you to boot Windows. The grub commands (in the code section above) replicate the information (normally found in grub.conf) needed to boot Windows.

turalo 06-30-2006 03:23 PM

Hy, thanks everybody
I want to thank you guys for helping me out. I used the fixmbr tool it solved my problem, actualy I kenw about that but when I got the problem its like al my knowledge and expereince was lost, so :D I'm realy thanfull. now I'm not going to use 2 systems anymore cause the vmware gives me the posibility to use it in windows.
Thanks again.

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