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hongman 02-28-2005 01:01 PM

Help with enlarging my partiton
Hello all

I have got a 15GB system partition, but I have just freed up an extra 60GB of space on that disk...hence I would like to make my system partition bigger.

In QTParted, the free space shows as Hidden. It wont let me do a simple 'resize'.

I thought about running Live off the CD, but then I have an extra alays tells me everything is read only! I have tried chmod, also unmounting but it says the 'device is busy'...

So whats the best way to do this? Thanks in advance


Matir 02-28-2005 01:28 PM

Resizing filesystems while they are in use is either impossible or dangerous, depending on the mount point. Running parted from a livecd is, I believe, the standard mechanism for partition resizing.

hongman 02-28-2005 01:48 PM


So I need to do this from LiveCD, which I had guess as much.

How do i unmount the partition and remount it with write perms? Can I do a resize or doe it have to be formatted and done from scratch (which I DO NOT want to do!)?



Matir 02-28-2005 02:32 PM

You should be able to do a resize, but do NOT do it while the partition is mounted (if avoidable). If not, do it mounted read-only. I don't believe a resize requires read-write access.

If you want to remout rw, try the following:

mount -o rw,remount /dev/PARTITION /mnt/POINT
This is mainly needed for /, as in

mount -o rw,remount /dev/hda3 /
for my system.

hongman 02-28-2005 02:39 PM

Thanks Matir

I dont quite understand...When i boot into Live, and start QTParted, on my system part the only option I get is &Properties. No resize, or anything like that.

How would you do it?



PS Sorry for being a pain :o

Matir 02-28-2005 02:57 PM

To be quite honest, I haven't used qtparted in a long time, but there should be a resize option... somewhere. :) Which version of qtparted are you using? Does is show all the partitions?

PS. You're not a pain, you're just here to learn something. :)

hongman 02-28-2005 03:13 PM

Thanks for the support Matir. I've recently just replaced my XP box with Knoppix, and although prving to be a headache at the best of times, I am determined to make this work!!

I am using version 0.4.4 I believe. Its a pretty simple layout, and from what I can see there isnt a resize option. It does see all partitions...

What next? Thinking of it, if I booted with Acronis Parition Expert would it be harmful to give that a try?



Matir 02-28-2005 03:17 PM

I'm not familiar with acronis partition expert; but I looked it up on the web. It claims support for ext3, so it should be able to handle it. Make sure all your data is backed up first, of course. (This should've been said back when this thread started, oops).

hongman 02-28-2005 03:27 PM

Just tried that. It says that if the drive is bootable, I have to use the linux boot floppy and boot from that, and run /sbin/lilo or something.

Rather not go down that route as I can put money down I will screw it up. Guaranteed!!

Is there another way? Surely this cant be that hard!! (obvisouly it is!)


Matir 02-28-2005 03:34 PM

Umm, you may need to do that after the resize. Are you using lilo or grub for your boot manager?

hongman 02-28-2005 05:03 PM

I'm using Lilo. How do i make a boot disk? When i installed I opted not to make one...

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