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vikram singh 01-30-2010 12:00 AM

help soon
dear friends,

i want to know about the working of the createrepo command of
and if any information about the command createrepo(like structure of command,source code of command, application of command, advantage and disadvantage of command).
Then send me.

vikram singh

EricTRA 01-30-2010 12:26 AM

Hello and welcome to LinuxQuestions,

The first thing you need to do is provide a descriptive title for your thread since 'Help soon' doesn't say anything about your question/problem. Using titles like that don't get the attention your post might deserver. If you want to know how to ask a question then please read the link in my signature.

A quick Google search gave me as first link:
man createrepo

I believe that's what your looking for, so it's good practice to always search first in Google.

All of that being said, enjoy Linux, and welcome again.

Kind regards,


John VV 01-30-2010 04:11 AM

GOOGLE before posting .

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