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erik 07-17-2003 09:09 AM

help! should it be this hard?
I have been trying to ste up mdk 9.1 on two differnt systemsone is a dell4550 and the other is a machine i built a few months back(see below).I am two weeks into this project and about feed up. Cant get OS to install on the dell at all (seems to install but will not boot past decting module dependencies).Gave up on that one .On the pc i built get a good install most hardware is not useable .Modem,Raid,ati AIW 7500
video card, creative extigy sound card.I am willing to lose some of this hardware to get away from microsoft (i mean microspy) BUT NOT ALL OF IT.

I have three main Questions

I have been trying to change permissions on anything and can't seem to do it changes made at root don't seem to have any effect
on the regular users is there a way to change permissions from a Gui I am new to the command line stuff and after repeated attempts to follow step by step directions still cant do it.Made my self member of all groups including root (don't say it I KNOW) and still can't make changes.Is there a stepbystep guide for a idiot on this subject.HowTos assume that i know more commandline than i do and leaves out steps I think

Just read a post that said linux is no really designed to take advantage of pentium 4 processors(?)does this mean my 3.06 processor will not work any better than a older slower processor

Have been able to burn 1 cd per install then the dvd burner unmounts when i try to remount the system says that it does not reconize the file type and then a locked symbol appears on the icon
Uninstall/reinstall and can burn 1cd again K3b sometimes see the drive & sometimes doesn't when it does the burn cancels because it cant find driver cdrao (NEC DVD+rw ND_1100A)

Lan not working but says all good
mp3 player seen as a scanner
camera reconized and can pull filenames from it but no pics
printer not reconized

P4-3.06 processor
gigabyte 8 inxp mainboard
2 gb--pc 2100 ram
NEC dvd rom 5800
nec dvd=rw ND-1100a
ati all in wonder 7500 (changed to nvidia gforce 4 mx 420)
sound blaster exitgy (changed to sound blaster 16 pci)
western digitial-60Gb harddrive Ata 100
maxtor 80Gb harddrive Ata 133(unmounted)
mp3 player-creative nomad juke box 2
camera-kodak dx4330
print scan copy--lexmark x75

On my way back to winxp(or selling all pc stuff) if i cant work this out soon. I took a week of to work on this project and feel like i am going in circles making NO progress.I am not elite when it comes to pcs but feel that i have a better understanding of them than most people that i know should this be this hard to setup?

please help or point me to a site or book that can or just tell me to go back to microsoft

thanks in advance Erik

ksgill 07-17-2003 10:06 AM


#2 Your processor (3.06) will definately work better than older processors. Linux wasnt built for p4's..thats totally bs.

#3 Read this post:

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