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ghoshdastidar1980 09-27-2012 11:46 PM

Help require in expect script
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I have prepared two script ,[please find the attachment] --- shell
2.passwd_root.expect ---- expect

1.mypass_root-->This will take the input from the user & calling the second script. I am passing the shell variable through "PUTS" in expect script.

problem is whenever i am running the scripts it is showing the o/p (mentioned in red) whatever it is taking from the 1st script.

$ ./
Enter your Lan id:testuser
Enter your Lan id password
Enter the current password of root:
Enter the account name for which you want to change the password:
enter the newpassword

I am able to understand that these o/p are showing because of the following lines in the 2nd scripts
puts $env(lanid)
puts $env(lanpass)
puts $env(rootpass)
puts $env(accname)
puts $env(accpass)

But not able to hide it.Please let me know if you can help me to hide it. I have attached the two scripts.

Red_Man 09-28-2012 05:41 PM

Try to put '-s' switch right after read.

read -s lanpas <- example

Hope it helps

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