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fjfc 08-27-2011 03:14 PM

Help on partitioning/installing linux (BackTrack)
Hey guys, please, take a look at my problem, i want to install linux at this H partition (i already tried to format as ntfs, fat32, even unnalocated space):

But when i got into linux, my partitions looks like:

THe partition doenst show up =/

any1 know how can i fix that without losing my partitions? thanks

yancek 08-27-2011 04:39 PM

Which windows version are you using?

The image you posted shows sda1, your first partition as less than 1MB. Have no idea what that is but can't imagine it is anything useful.
I think that is your biggest problem. Was this an OEM install? Linux partition naming conventions are not the same as windows. If you are going to try to use Linux, you need to familiarize yourself with it.

sda2 looks about the right size for a boot partition, is that what it is?
It appears you already have four primary partitions used. You can't create any more. You will need to shrink one of your other partitions (sda3 is the largest) before you can create an Extended partition in which to create a logical partition to install Linux. sda4 looks like a Recovery partition for your windows. Even if you shrink sda3, you would still need to delete one of the primary partitions so you can create an Extended partition. I don't know what effect deleting sda1 would have on your system so maybe someone else who is more familiar with windows can advise you. If you plan to keep windows you will likely need this so you can use a Recovery CD to access if your windows system crashes.

The correct command for fdisk is: fdisk -l(lower case Letter L) to get partition information.

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