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martin2011 04-08-2011 08:46 PM

Help needed getting Nagios Check_logfiles working with Windows
Hi Guys
Iím very new to Linux & Nagios but I have made some good progress until now.
I have Nagios working and the check_logfiles plugin installed on my Ubuntu box and NSClient ++ installed on my windows box.
My end goal is to be able to get the check_logfiles plugin to flag certain words in Windows Log Files.
I can call the check_logfiles from the Ubuntu command line and it works fine when I look at a local log file on the Nagios box.
If I try to do something similar but point to a remote windows file the process fails.
I have NRPE enabled and I think working on the Windows machine.
Before I post Config files etc can someone tell me if my approach is correct? Should I be calling the check_logfiles plugin from the Nagios box or do I need to install the Windows version of Check_logfiles on the remote machine and then make some sort of reference to it in the NSC.ini file on the Windows box.

EricTRA 04-09-2011 02:32 AM

Hello and Welcome to LinuxQuestions,

Your second guess is correct. If you use NSCLient++ on the Windows machine you need the necessary plugins on that machine and execute/configure the commands in the ini file. Nagios connects to the NSClient++ and tells it what command to execute. That command must be defined in the ini file on the Windows side.

Kind regards,


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