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ChromeSax 08-24-2001 04:39 PM

Help! Need to erase Linux!
(figured i should post it here too)

Hey everyone!

Okay, I'm shipping off to college in 8 days. I just
got this really nice laptop off someone on eBay.
I was quite excited, I started it up ready to install
things... and surprise! Linux is on it. I have no clue
how to use this software, and I really don't want
to learn on such short notice.

Here's what I know. I'm using a Zeos laptop
running Linux... I believe it's a 2.something version.
All I want to do is erase it and have an empty hard
drive so I can install a different opperating system.

However, it came with no rescue or system disks. I
just have this, a modem, an ethernet card, and this
extra PCIMCA hard drive card that I don't know how
to access on this OS.

So... what do I do to erase/uninstall it? I'd really
appreciate any help you can give me on this. I'm
lost in this world of Linux. I'm a musician, not a
computer wiz. Help!



trickykid 08-24-2001 04:41 PM

Hey don't post twice.. I answered this in the Installation forum. You confuse the hell out of us when you do that.... and it won't speed up your answers to your questions.

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