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slackist 09-09-2004 10:47 AM

Help me understand why my Slack is so much easier than other distros
During my brief Linux experience so far I have tried RH9, FC1, Knoppix and Slackware 9.1

As a newbie I choose the default options for each installation with regards to disk partitioning and kernel etc but it seems to me that Slackware is the only distro that just "works".

A small example:

I love the program Celestia. I have installed it on RH9, FC1 and Slackware, on the first two distros I had to ask a lot of questions and ./configure with lots of options to get it to work.

On Slackware it just compiled and installed fine. Also, although I use Gnome as my GUI the Slack compiled version of Celestia uses some sort of KDE window borders/menus etc without a hiccup.

I have read much about Slackware using "Vanilla kernels" and such but I don't really understand what that means.

Is it that all the other stuff in a Slackware install is somehow more carefully compiled to "play nicely" with other things that I install, and if that is true then why wouldn't other distros follow suit ?

Apologies for the rather vague post, and thanks for any links etc that help me get my head around this stuff :)


btmiller 09-09-2004 01:34 PM

It's may be because Slack uses Vanilla software, including the kernel. What this means is that other distros add a lot of "enhancements" to the kernels that they ship with their systems (backports from development versions, additions that their people have written, etc.). Same with a lot of the other software. Sometimes this can break things subtly in other applications.

Then again, you simply may have gotten unlucky with your other distros -- I've compiled plenty of stuff on RH etc. with no problems at all.

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