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Shelby71 10-19-2007 09:49 AM

HELP ME PLEASE Network Connection
Hi there Folks

I need some help, got a notebook, and i use a network cable to connect my PC to the network everyday whilst at the office, when i unplug the network cable my PC hangs terribly to the point where i do the good ol hold in the power button for 5 secs...i have this problem everyday. And im sure this cannot be too healthy for my PC. Im on Suse10.2, im not sure what im doing incorrectly, can someone please please please advise.

I was told that if i switch to root user and use the ifconfig etho down command that this helps? has anyone else experienced something like this?

PS: Linux kick butt!
Thanks for the help, much appreciated :)

camorri 10-19-2007 03:57 PM

I guess I have to wonder why you don't run shutdown before pulling the network cable? The command as root; 'shutdown -h now' ( without quotes will shutdown things in an orderly fashion, close all open files, and should power down the system.

You are running the risk of doing damage to your file systems. Any time you kill the system with the power switch it is anybodies guess what state the system is in.

As far as what hangs, that could be hard to track down, just a guess, probably some of the applications that communicate, like e-mail, or NFS, or any network software you may be using.

ifconfig eth0 down will take down the eth0 interface, but doesn't stop the communicating software.

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