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newbie rb 10-22-2011 02:00 PM

help me-linux mint wont install
i want to use linux mint but after the first instalation my sysytem crashed,so i installed 2nd time ,but this time no audio so i installed the 3rd time,
it was ok at first but then i got a pop up window saying if i want to update my linux via the update mananger so i clicked update and i surfed the wae and it was fine at first.but then when the update installation came to 203 files of 233 files updated , the browser suddenly crashed and whem i restarted mozilla again i got the message saying cannot load page no dns lookup
so i checked the network connection and it showed it was fine and there was connection but as i was cheking it it suddenly went offline and came back again,
so i tried mozzila again and the same thing happened ,no connection,so i did the thing thses things:-

1. i enterd the linux dvd (burned by me using rom burner) and tried as live cd,and the result ,same thing happened no page loading.
2. i reformatted the drive and installed the linux mint 4th time and tried ,but still same problem.
3. as i have no choice i installed windows xp back ,result everything worked,IE was working fine(i used xp sp2,IE6) .
4.i tried linux mint 11katya again as live cd,and yes this time the browser worked fine ,
5. so i tried installing linux mint 11 as alongside windowsXP but even after 3 tries i get the installer crash message,so i just quit from it and now im writing this so as if anybody can help or find out why it happened,it will be agreat help.

i want to use and experience linux but i having this problem,thats why im writing this on using my windows platform so taht i can get an answer,please help.

for information my system:P4 2.0(northwood ),nvidia 2ti 64mb gpu,SIS lan card,MB asus p4533,512mb Ram,(yeah old system).

your help is graeatly anticipated,thanks

newbie rb 10-22-2011 02:29 PM

help me
its me again,sorry a little correction of my hardware type,
lan nic card Realtek rtl8139 family pci fast ethernet NIC, and not SIS ,sorry

yancek 10-22-2011 02:45 PM

What exactly is the error mesage you get?
512MB RAM is the bare minimum for Mint 11.

Z0K4 10-22-2011 03:47 PM

Maybe you have a corrupted .iso download! Have you checked md5 sum?
If mint doesn't work, you could try xubuntu. Good luck, and cheers!

newbie rb 10-28-2011 09:13 AM

thanks for your reply yancek and zok4, i ve tried xbuntu and it runs well but im having trouble in playing dvd or mp3 and yes i downloaded the codecs as per requested, and zok4 i ve checked the md5sum of the linux mint iso and it checked ok, and now im trying to download linux mint 9 or 10 as i read it goes well with older system. so now i need advice on this matter;
regarding xubuntu ,after i installed it it went well but,weel as a newbie i tend to play around with diffrent enviroment,first i tried gnome interface,and xfce enviroment,and then i tried kde enviroment and i was switching around them when suddenly the system locked out ,meaning i cant log in and each time i log in ,i always came to the same log on dialog box and i cannot log in ,so i ve no other choice to do except webrooting(erasing the whole disc,to zero,with webroot disc eraser)disc ,

and for linux mint 11 i cannot get boot manager when i installed as dual booting ,alongside xp ,please help
although ive webrooted the disc as my windows also got crazy ,i like to get an answer to why i was denied log in by xubuntu,have i done any great error,im sorry if yes but i would appreciate if anybody can give me any solution so i would be able to solve it if it happens the next time,and please can anybody tell what are the do and dont"s in linux,i mean in any linux distro. thanking you ,and zok4 and yancek thanks again

Z0K4 11-01-2011 04:49 AM

With your 512 MB of RAM i wouldn't advise you to install KDE or even GNOME... but since you already done it, it doesn't matter too much... XFCE is just like GNOME 2.x (meaning it uses Gtk themes, meaning it can look exactly like GNOME, but it uses less RAM) From what you've wrote I don't think you made great error... playing with desktop environments is normal for new linux users (next time check RAM consumption for DE you are planing to install)

Now for login problem:
when your prompt for your login press Ctrl+Alt+F1 and you should go to console mode called tty1... When there insert your username and password. If it accepts your password type in

If you are lucky that should do it, if not so lucky you should get error message. Don't panic just do this:

sudo stop gdm
sudo start gdm
If that doesn't work try something similar to that:

sudo killall gdm
sudo gdm
I hope that helps... Good luck ;)

About do and dont's:
-don't login in graphical mode when you are super user (root)
-don't use aircrack to crack your neighbours WiFi
-don't install software you will never use
-don't blindely copy every command you find on internet to your cli (first check what it means)
-while in cli (command line interface aka terminal aka konsole aka xterm) as a root, check 3 times what you are about to do

-do anything else ;)

About mp3 and dvd playback problem try this:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

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