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heina 03-07-2004 08:32 PM

help me install linux on sony sony vaio pcg-r505gl
i saw someone asked the same question before regarding install redhat on sony vaio pcg-r505gl but i did not see a solution yet.

please help me.

I have tried to install red hat 9 on my sony vaio lap top(pcg-r505gl). It is booted with cd/dvd Rom. However, after I selected Enlgish, us keyboard, and installation method respectively, it does not read my cd-rom or my files in hard drive(I tried to install from hard drive too). Please help me.

SUSE 9-->
And theni tried SUSE 9, it has problem auto install so it went into manual install and looks like i will have to install driver manually if i am in mnual install mode. after a few steps, it says unable to mount cd-rom :( this is in the very beginning of installation. and my cd-rom is dvd RW cd-rom.

please help!!


heina 03-10-2004 10:05 PM

please help me install redhat 9 on the sony viao notebook pcg-r505gl.

i found some doc talking about IDE or SCSI cd-rom.
how do i know if my cdrom uses ide or scsi?

my notebook cdrom is on ducking station. so how i solve linux cannot find redhat CD on any of my cdrom drives?

help please


eddie12208 03-24-2004 09:31 PM

CD-ROM Drive info on PCG-R505GL
I have a PCG-R505GL with a docking station.
I know all the stuff in the dock actually comes through a fire wire (IEEE 1392) connection to your laptop. So to get your CD-ROM drive to work, you have to add support for that.

I had a linux pro do a modprobe command on my laptop to get it to work. I unfortunately don't know exactly how to do it.

So your drive is firewire, but I don't know if firewire is SCSI or IDE.

pS I couldn't get my wireless card (orinoco brand) to work under red hat. I got it to work quite easily under Mandrake. (the cd rom drive was working under Mandrake but when I had red hat I didn't know that I had to do mod probe. So basically, I dont know if the cd rom drive will work or not under red hat, but i KNOW its possible under mandrake.)

also, when you get the cd rom drive working on your laptop, you will have to get a software cd player that supports playing your music digitally if you want to use your cdrom drive for music. the reason you have to do this is most cd rom drives have a special cable that goes straight from the drive to your sound card. this cable is how software cd players play music by analog means. however, since the drive is isolated on the dock and goes through firewire, there is no such cable on the pcg-r505gl. This means that unless you have software that can play music digitally off the cd rom drive, you wont hear anything when playing tracks.

heina 03-27-2004 08:37 PM

thanks. this is very helpful:)

alam 10-10-2004 11:36 PM

I installed redhat 9.0 in my sony pcg-r505tl laptop which was originally running WinMe. I boot from cd rom but during media check my cd rom which is on docking station, was not recognized by redhat 9 installation cd. I then copied the first installation cd to C:>\temp, boot winme to dosmode (possible!), use autoboot to start installation. I choose "installation from local drive" and successfully installed redhat 9.0 from cd rom, I was asked to insert the subsequent cd's during installation.

Surprisingly, after installation, I could not use cdrom drive. During the boot, kudzu detect the cdrom but I can not mount disks in the cdrom drive.
Would be grateful if some one can help on this.


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