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ineedhelpwlinux 03-04-2005 05:01 PM

help me im uber noob
ok, ive just build a new amd system. using old hdd but neways:
i dled mandrake 10.1, burned image and tried installing linux on my new amd system..
i get to the first scree that says f1 for help enter for instalation
i push enter
the progress bar thing zips right along until it gets to like 90%... then it blackscreens
sometimes it goes to the screen where its 'loading all the devices' or whatever... then it gets to the bottom and says something about a kernel error

pls help me install linux

Mara 03-04-2005 05:09 PM

Try key combinations from ctrl+alt+f1 to f4. One of them shows the log and error details. You may be able to find out what was wrong by just looking at them. If you're not sure what it means copy the last part of the log (the messages you think are important) and post it.

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