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madhatter64 02-04-2008 10:54 PM

Help me change permissions and move my Home folder
I am running Ubuntu on VMware. I have added a 39 gig virtual disk which is now available only to root or superuser, which means I can't just use the thing. What I want to do is to change the permissions on the new partition so that my user account can read and write files to the new drive. I also want to move my current home directory to the new partition.

As a bonus, since I primarily use WIndows, can you tell me how to easily see my hard drive partitions within Gnome file manager or see there icons on the desktop? This would make navigation much easier.




mecelec415 02-05-2008 01:28 AM

im a noob myself
have you tried to chown it?
as in open konsole
chown you:group /diskloaction ie media/hd5

venkat3271 02-05-2008 01:35 AM

U can try chown or chmod ,such that all the users can have access to drives.
Ex chmod 777 location of drives

Lepakko 02-05-2008 02:52 AM

Did you already partition this new virtual disk? You can do that with

sudo fdisk /dev/sdb

with /dev/sdb being the new virtual disk. Or you just install gparted in Ubuntu, which makes partitioning and formatting a lot easier. For this, type

sudo apt-get install gparted

If you partition the disk with fdisk, you can do the formatting with

sudo mke2fs


sudo mkfs.ext3

After partitioning and formatting the disk, you need to mount a partition. To mount it at /home, type

sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /home

with /dev/sdb1 being the first partition of the hard disk sdb. The files that you had at /home won't be visible anymore since you mounted the partition on top of old /home. To unmount /dev/sdb1, type

sudo umount /dev/sdb1

If you want to first copy all your settings from your old /home, you can first type in

sudo mkdir /tmp/home

to create a directory /tmp/home and then

sudo cp -a /home/* /tmp/home

to copy everything from /home to /tmp/home. Then you can delete everything on /home, mount your new partition and then copy your old settings with

sudo cp -a /tmp/home/* /home

madhatter64 02-05-2008 11:26 PM

N00b reply warning!

Using right click in File Browser to access the disk and open in terminal I have tried the chown and other commands and have messed each one up.

Here's the particulars of the drive I want to use as my home:

/dev/sdb1 (ext2) etc etc.

What do I do within the gnome interface, terminal, etc to make a Home folder, and then move all my stuff into so this will work each time I boot this virtual machine. (Honest, I swear to God I will help others If I get this straight).

Sorry for being such a n00b.


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