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zchoyt 08-28-2004 12:30 AM

Help installing video driver
I have the driver on the linux box. When I go to run it, it prompts me to close x windows. From what I have read on the web so far, it is ctrl+alt+back. It just isn't doing the trick though. Any thoughts?

I am running fedora on a Dell inspiron 8600 (widescreen).

zchoyt 08-28-2004 12:45 AM

I though I would also add that I have cycled throug the ctrl alt f1 .....ctrl alt f6 and those are all command lines. f7 is an ugly bluish screen. That's the one I need to kill and that backspace command doesn't seem to cut it.

Is there a better way to boot into command line mode?

foo_bar_foo 08-28-2004 03:05 AM

yea go to /etc/inittab
and there find a line that looks like

the convention is generally to change the 5 to a 3 to get a text login
the runlevels may be explained with comments so read those
*never set the runlevel to reboot or halt* that's a bad thing

if you are unsure about changing the runlevel just go to the bootup folder for the run level you are using
/etc/rc.d/rc5.d (if you are using 5)
and rename the link to gdm kdm or xdm depending on what display manager you are using
the command would be (I'm just using kdm and an example number use whatever the real link is for you)
mv S35kdm _S35kdm
then reboot
when you want to put it back just do the reverse
mv _S35kdm S35kdm

to startx from the terminal type
it is very cool to login on the text termnal so if you screw up x config you can get in and fix it easy
and cntrl alt back will work

zchoyt 08-28-2004 04:15 PM

Thanks. I got everything working with your advice.

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