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frog-newbie 09-03-2003 02:42 PM

HELP!!!!, i am installing a nvida geforce package
everytime i run the package in the terminla i get this error--nvidia-installer: Error opening log file '/var/log/nvidia-installer.log' for writing (Permission denied); disabling logging.
[frog@localhost frog]$

can someone please give me a suggestion?

frog-newbie 09-03-2003 02:46 PM

and i forgot one more thing, it tells me to run as root, sorry i am a newbie and learning... plkease help :)

frog-newbie 09-03-2003 03:01 PM

one more thing, it says i need to be owner, how do i do that?

Kristic 09-03-2003 03:09 PM

you just log in as root

Basically, when you installed, you put a password down, thats your root log out of your current user account, and log in with the username: root and the password you selected

rshaw 09-03-2003 03:09 PM

log in as root. run the installer.

frog-newbie 09-04-2003 07:39 AM

ok, thanks guys, but i also have one more question, how do i install the driver, it says i must exit x server?

mhl 09-04-2003 08:46 AM

It means you have to exit your GUI and run the installer from command line.

frog-newbie 09-04-2003 01:03 PM

i know i sound dumb, but how do i do that?

rberry88 09-04-2003 01:09 PM

If you're looking at the GUI (graphical screen) then do the following:

1) hit CTRL+ALT+F2
2) type "init 3" -without the quotes
3) type root
4) type your root password (setup at installation time)
5) go to the dirctory where the file you are trying to run is located and run.

PS: don't worry, I'm a newbie too and it just takes some getting used to so don't be afraid to ask questions.


auggy 09-04-2003 01:32 PM

You can also edit the /etc/inittab file, by typing: vi /etc/inittab

You have to be root to save the file, so su - to root first.

Find the line:
and change the 5 to a 3, then save and reboot.

So step by step you would do something like this:

[admin@localhost admin]$ su -
[root@localhost root]# vi /etc/inittab
(/etc/inittab file opens up)
Find the line "id:5:initdefault:" (without the quotes)
Press 'i' to enter into insert mode
Change the 5 to a 3
Press escape to exit insert mode
Type: :wq (colon w q) then hit enter to save the file and exit vi
Type: "shutdown -r now" (without the quotes) to reboot the machine

When it boots back up, it wont' boot into the GUI, so just log in, su - to root again, and run the file you're trying to install.

After you're done edit the /etc/inittab file again (change the 3 back to a 5) so that you're booting back to the GUI.

Hope this helps

frog-newbie 09-05-2003 01:30 AM

thank you guys you are the best :)

Jongi 09-05-2003 01:34 AM

Why not print out the very 1st thread on this forum. If that doesn't help you through then I don't know what will.

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