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neji 03-04-2005 04:41 AM

Help for Dummies (Command line installation)
:Pengy: I successfully installed Red Hat 9 on my computer i noticed that it already has a MySQL Server, PHP, and Apache in its package. i definitely have no idea how to run/or configure these packages using shell commands. i decided to try unzipping a MySQL.....tar.gz on my /usr/local/mysql/ i dont know how to configure the root password for MySQL i tried some commands

addgroup <groupname>
adduser -g <groupname> <username>

after i tried to use the user i added and even the root account my it would prompt that i should check if the user exists and then it mentioned something about mysql.sock :scratch:

(1)is there a need for me to install tar.gz's that i download from MySQL and PHP? or (2)should i just use the existing packages from my Red Hat cd? by the way, (3)my RH9 cd is also downloaded from does it make a difference?

if it would not be asking too much from you guys, can anybody give me a walkthrough on how to make these packages run properly? the commands and stuff....

i am using the shell prompt because i want to do it old school

thank you very much!

it would really help a lot:study:

shengchieh 03-04-2005 04:38 PM

Never used MySQL. But this link might help.


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