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carthaginian 10-16-2004 09:13 AM

Help! Data Recovery - NOT a partition fault - ext3
Didn`t find a fitting forum, so I try it here.

I just tried to make a backup, and this is what happened (ext3):

HD to be backuped: /dev/sdc1, mounted on /home/marc
Backup medium: JAZ, normally as /dev/sdd1 on /media/jaz

When mounting the JAZ drive I accidently entered
mount /media/jaz /dev/sdc1
and then (don`t remember why, this is just recalled by the console)
mount /dev/sdc1 /media/jaz
So, in both cases sdc instead of sdd, the physical Jaz never have been mounted.

I then dragged&dropped out of the Konquerer /home/marc/work to /media/jaz (cross-checked)

There has been a warning of overwritting and I granted that (assuming to overwrite the old backup)

The result is that the directory structure has been copied onto itself, but not its content - everything is just 0 B -Files.

mount shows both entries:
/dev/sdc1 /home/marc
/dev/sdc1 /media/jaz

df -k shows both entries, with identical size (and that size, unfortunately, is not as big as the original data size)

/media/jaz can be unmounted/mounted
/home/marc can`t due to being busy, but I don`t remember any job causing that.

So, in essence I assume I caused the system to overwrite the data hard disk with itself. Why this happened, I don`t know. However, there have been not much action on the drive, so that I can assume that the data might still be there anywhere.

The system is still up. I think trying fsck and stuff would rather destroy the original data then recover them. So, is there any flaw in my thoughts and there is an easy possibility to access the data? If not, is there any other possibility to recover them? (The last backup lacks a couple of important information)

Any suggestion ist welcome!



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