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tuanit 02-24-2015 08:31 PM

Help boot CentOS bug
My server encountered an error while booting the image. Thanks for your help fixing.

tuanit 02-24-2015 09:14 PM

Help !!!

Ztcoracat 02-24-2015 09:35 PM

Can you mount the CentOS partition?
-if so, does /sbin/init exist?

Are you running CentOS 6 or 7?

Run fsck if something is wrong fsck will find it.

fsck /dev/sdx
Where x is the partition. If it's the only partition on your machine it's most likely sda1.
If you have a second drive it would be sdb1.

It could be possible that one of the lib's that init depends on might be missing.

chroot /mnt/centos
Try running this to see which libraries init depends on.

ldd /sbin/init
As to the "kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init"
Could be your HDD. How old is it?

tuanit 02-24-2015 09:39 PM

Thank you, I will try.

Ztcoracat 02-24-2015 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by tuanit (Post 5322915)
Thank you, I will try.

Your Welcome: tuanit

Good luck:-

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