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kirankv 03-19-2003 09:39 AM

Help Authentication Dead Slow

I am using RedHat Linux 7.2 in server installation. One fine morning linux rebooted and after that login authentication has become very slow. it is taking 40 seconds to get username prompt for ftp, telnet ..etc. What could be the problem and how to rectify that.


Texicle 03-20-2003 07:53 PM

Are you trying to login remotely?

You could also check to make sure you've got a fresh IP from your ISP. This may not necessarily matter, but I've had it help me out before.

Also, you can check your processes to see if you have anything extra running you don't need (ps -a).

Hope this helps.:D

kirankv 03-21-2003 12:20 AM

Mine is a linux server which i use for my remote clients ftp connectivity to download their office reports. this server is not in Internet. It is accessible only from our office private network accross the country. but i have slow authentication in 100mbps lan itself. it takes nearly 1 minute to get the username prompt. bandwidth is not a issue here. i am using md5 and shadow password authentication.

Texicle 03-21-2003 04:07 PM

I would login and then check the process to make sure you don't have a bunch of stuff running you don't know about. That's pretty much the only thing I can think of. If you're still having a problem, maybe try getting a mod to move this thread to the Networking section as I'm sure there's lots of people that would have much better suggestions than I do. If a mod won't move it, make sure it's okay to post it again over there before doing so or you'll be told not to cross post. Sorry I can't help any more than this. Hopefully someone out there knows what's going on.

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