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erichard2000 01-23-2001 12:31 AM

Thanks Guys for answering my question the other day. They are great instructions and sure they are useful but heres the problem: I use Corel Linux along with Win98 SE so I have to exit into MS DOS mode then start linux well once I type the command, there is not start menu that allows me to get into Linux-Console. Is there a way to stop it from trying to load to allow me to get into Linux-Console?

Thanks again,

erichard2000 01-23-2001 11:49 AM

I got it!
Thanks for all of your help, I finally got it figured out so I can see linux! but now the problem is the screen is too little, (its not filling up the monitor) I can adjust it with my monitor to fit but I am afraid that it will be screwed up in win98. Any suggestions?


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