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corbis_demon 07-01-2004 05:42 AM

headaches galore with binaries
Hi,I posted a thread on this topic a few hours back,but no one replied.I hope someone does this time.I'm getting frustrated due to some missing OpnGL packages.An app I want to run needed the Glut packages to run.So I downloaded them from the fedora site and tried installing them.But they in turn gave an error saying 'Çan't locate OpenGL.OpenGL-devel packages required'.I thought the glut file included the opengl support.But if I can't
install them in the first place,how do I get ove the problem.Please help.

rylan76 07-10-2004 04:26 AM

I think this means you need to download, compile and install an OpenGL library first before attempting to compile the rest of the programs that you need. Take a look at google, or try the SGI site.

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