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rvijay 09-15-2003 07:58 AM

Hard Time Installing Packages.
I am having a very hard time installing packages in Linux. I got a simple package of the type tar.gz. The first step went very well, I opened the archive with the tar command. When I went to configure, there were no ReadMe or Install Files in the directory of this package. So I tried the ./configure command. The message said bad command.

The config files in the directory were of a different format such as and etc., So I tried also similar related commands such as ./ and the same error message bad command was got.

How can I install this package ? It is just a simple program for post it notes. Moreover, I would apprecite links to some good sites that explain how to install packages in general.

Thank you.

Vijay :newbie: :confused: :Pengy:

aizkorri 09-15-2003 08:19 AM

it could be that the configure file is in some other directory in this package.
you could try finding it by using

find /where/the/file/is -name 'configure'

or there could be a .bin executable or something like setup. Sometimes you don't have to execute a configure file.
I don't know...
hope this helps.

trickyid has done thread explaining how to install programs from source

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