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cliff33 10-22-2011 06:01 PM

Hard drive partitioning
Hello all!
I am new to this forum but would like some info on how
to clean my hard drive of xp and just install ubuntu 11.04
by itself.
Problem is: volume "C" is 600mb. and volume "D" is 3GB.
Because Ubuntu always wants to install on "C", there just does'nt seem to be enough space left on "C".
Is there a partitioning program that might solve this problem? The pc is an old Dell laptop.

TobiSGD 10-22-2011 06:09 PM

If you want to install Ubuntu than just boot from the CD, start the install and when it comes to partitioning use the option for using the whole disk. Keep in mind that a disk with only 3.6GB may be to small for a complete Ubuntu install, and that a machine with such a small disk possibly will not fulfill the system requirements for Ubuntu.

wagscat123 10-22-2011 07:08 PM

I recommend that you back up your data and repartition the whole hard disk altogether. As TobiSGD said, you don't seem to have enough space for Ubuntu. Since you have only 3.6 gigs, how old is your computer? Although Ubuntu is certainly an easy-to-use and install distribution, it is not made to run on older PCs (as in before 2005ish, depending on how good your PC is). I would recommend you get Xubuntu or Lubuntu as they are meant to be lighter on system resources such as memory, hard disk space, graphics cards, and processing speed that older computers don't have much of. Debian XFCE edition only uses 2 GB or so of Hard Disk space on my ancient 1997 laptop.

cliff33 10-22-2011 08:44 PM

Ubuntu on old laptops
Thanks for the advice guys. The old laptop must be 17-18 yrs. old.
When trying to install : after a couple minutes I get "Try Ubuntu" and "Install Ubuntu"
After clicking install and waiting a few minutes,an error message says "Installation Failed,The installer
encountered an unrecoverable error"
I was'nt aware that Ubuntu 12.04 took up more space than winxp, so will try some of your suggestions.
Thanks again.

ultagod 10-22-2011 08:54 PM

You might also want to check out DSLinux (damn.small.linux). It has been discontinued but it was pretty awesome. I still use a repackaged version of it I made sometimes on old machines.

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