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KeithLeFevre 01-03-2008 08:27 AM

Hard Drive Management
I have a server with Red Had. I have two (2) hard drive arrays running on raid. the first set is a 73GB pair on a raid, the second is four (4) 300GB drives on a raid systems so it looks like one (1) 600GB Drive. I have the OS on the 73GB Drive and wanted to use the 600GB as a storage area available for file and network storage. My question is how do I set up a separate volume group and logical volume that is independent? Also How do I share that out to the windows domain to which this server is connected? I do not want to store any data from the network on the 73GB drive set as I want to keep that isolated for OS only.

ramram29 01-03-2008 04:20 PM

You can do that as you install the OS or post install but it is much easier if you do it as you install.

I would recommend to make all drives part of the array and that way you'll have more than 1 terrabyte of space. Make the 73GB drives a /dev/md0 (raid1) and the (4) 300GB drives a /dev/md1 (raid5); then you'll have 973GB of space to play with.

After you set the raids then use LVM to partition your logical volumes using all 6 drives. If you use 10GB for all your system directories, which should be enough space, then you'll have over 950GB of space for your data; that's almost 1 terrabyte.

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