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usher_raymond82 07-05-2005 09:15 AM

Hang while building kernel
Hi guys,

Need your help. I was compiling the 2.6.7 kernel for my Compulab Armcore board. After getting the kernel source from, i patched with the patch i obtained from the compulab website. The building process was almost over until i encounter the following problem:


CC      init/version.o
LD        init/built-in.o
LD        .tmp_vmlinux1

It just stops there for hours. May i know what happen? Please help.


OhMyAchingGut 07-06-2005 03:21 AM

I've _never_ had a problem like that. That last line looks like its referencing a memroy address. I would suggest possibly downliading the source from again, and making sure its uncorupted by comparing the md5sums. Either that, or some bad sectors of ram or harddrive are my best guess for your woes.

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