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thort 02-20-2005 04:48 AM

Handle root files in file manager
Hi !

Is it possible to handle the root files in the file manager Konqueror? Watch, move and erase etc. Now, I can't see them.

If not, is there any file manager which has this option?

Or, am I forced to work whith the root files in the Console?

__J 02-20-2005 04:51 AM

run it as root. quick and easy way:

in console:

su -c /opt/kde/bin/konqueror

replace /opt/kde with the root of the kde installation

EDIT: I should also mention there are other ways such as kde's " run as different user" option and sudo

thort 02-20-2005 06:24 AM

Thanks __J !

My goal was to move some files into a hidden directory in order to make a program run better. I found an option in Konqueror to show hidden files. With this option enabled I managed to move the files to the hidden directory. So, my goal is accomplished.

I tried your suggestion about the Console. I made a search in Konqueror for Konqueror and found the path to the program. I typed according to your suggestion at the prompt in the Console. A lot of things started to happen in the Console window and at last a welcome window for Mandrake Linux opened up. The interface of this Konqueror window was changed compared to my ordinary kde windows appearance.

Well. I have a lot to learn about Linux, and I'm taking it slowly, just solving one task at the time. And. as I said, my goal about moving the files into the hidden directory is accomplished, so for now I'm satisfied. Next time I have to manage hidden files it's time to learn more about handling hidden files in Linux.

Thank You for your help ! :)

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