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Rajasekhar Atte 12-03-2001 01:54 PM

gunzip: crc errors
Here's the problem:
I have a CD that has a .gz file. I can gunzip this successfully on a solaris box and also on a Mandrake Linux box. But when I use gunzip on my linux box, it complains about crc errors. Is it possible that my gunzip is corrupted? But then I am able to unzip some files. The problem seems to be intermittent. Any suggestions?

phil1076 12-04-2001 12:43 PM

Problem with your CD Drive perhaps...

Rajasekhar Atte 12-04-2001 12:47 PM

cannot be the cd driver...
...because I copied the files to my hard disk and compared the checksum before unzipping it.

phil1076 12-04-2001 12:48 PM

perhaps it could be........
......bad sectors on your HD?

zeesh4sam 05-06-2002 10:18 AM

how do i use this tar command?
i am trying to use this tar command and i cannot unzip without copying the folders from the previous account as well along with files. i use tar -cf command.

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