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Jack of Spades 05-01-2008 10:08 AM

GTK application issue
Hey guys,

I recently upgraded to Kubuntu 8.04 from 7.10. In a fit of retardation I seem to have messed up my system. Whenever I try to use a GTK+ application, such as firefox 3.0, thunderbird, or firestarter, I get the following error when running from the terminal:


/usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: g_dpgettext
Can anyone help an idiot our here?

weibullguy 05-02-2008 07:43 AM

Which version of GTK+ are you using and which version was firefox, et. al. built against. GTK+ is backwards compatible, but not forwards compatible. So if your upgrade installed a new firefox that was built against GTK+-2.12.9 (where g_dpgettext is defined) and you have GTK+-2.12.0 (where g_dpgettext is not defined) installed on your system, then you'd have problems.

Note: the GTK+ version #'s are just for example.

Jack of Spades 05-06-2008 08:25 AM

OK, here are the packages I have when I re-installed firefox, thunderbird, et-all.


opalt@opalt:~$ dpkg --get-selections | grep gtk
ettercap-gtk                                    install
gtk-qt-engine                                  install
libgpod3-nogtk                                  install
libgtk1.2                                      install
libgtk1.2-common                                install
libgtk2-gladexml-perl                          install
libgtk2-perl                                    install
libgtk2-ruby                                    install
libgtk2-ruby1.8                                install
libgtk2.0-0                                    install
libgtk2.0-bin                                  install
libgtk2.0-common                                install
libgtk2.0-dev                                  install
libgtkglext1                                    install
libgtkhtml2-0                                  install
libgtksourceview-common                        install
libgtksourceview1.0-0                          install
libgtkspell0                                    install
libwxgtk2.4-1                                  deinstall
libwxgtk2.6-0                                  install
libwxgtk2.8-0                                  install
ndisgtk                                        install
python-gtk2                                    install

Do I need to re-compile gtk? If so, how would I go about doing that?

RadonPL 05-17-2008 12:04 PM

I've got the same problem with and Firefox 3 RC1.

I've updated and reinstalled all possible gtk and gtk-devel files from the openSUSE repositories and still have this error. OpenSUSE 10.3-AMD64

Jack of Spades 05-19-2008 08:41 AM

Thank you Mr. Weibull guy, your input really helped! I downloaded the latest GTK+ source and its dependences, and built them from source. Now all my GTK applications are working just fine.

RadonPL 05-24-2008 03:36 AM

I still can't get my problem solved.

I'm now running FF3 from WINE :o

chickendude 06-02-2008 06:53 PM

If you go here:

Download the latest sources for Pango, GLib, and GTK.
Unpack them.
First install Pango and GLib by opening a terminal and going into their respective folders, typing "./configure", "make", then "sudo make install".
Then install GTK the same way.
It also depends on the "Accessibility Toolkit" (ATK) but that was already installed on my system (and probably on yours too) and the link on their website to the latest ATK source was dead.

This fixed my problems :)

These are the source files I used:

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