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Arny006 09-19-2012 07:36 PM

Hello mates and sorry to start a new thread again over Grub2 but i don't get clue about that despite read of innumerable threads and wikies.

I had already Linux Natty and Precise installed (booth) on primary partitions hence got (for me) a strange behavior of grub, thus I wipe the disk and delete the MBR-Grub2 from all disks with

# sudo dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sde bs=440 count=1
I do that cause of undesired entries gritted on the disks during my first experiments with Linux. Until Byte 440 in order to preserve the "Disk signature" & "Partition table" needed (maybe) from Vista.

- One Raid-10 composed of 4x250GB in which one is Vista (sda-sdd)
- One external USB-Drive 200GB for Vista Downloads (sdg)
- One 1TB drive for Vista backups (sdf)
- One 750GB drive with place for 8 Linux and 150GB (ntfs) for Linux-donloads.

Partitions on "sde":
sde1 ext4 2GB for Grub2-standalone (primary)
sde2 ntfs 150GB Linux-Downloads (primary)
sde5 swap 16GB Swap (logical)
sde6-13 ext4(each)66GB for Linux 1-8 (logical)

One CD with "Super Grub2 Disk" and two USB-sticks 4&8 GB are present.
Note: I can access sde only if the "dmraid" is uninstalled!

An entry of Easy-BCD on Vista-bootloader to come on "sde".
Install Grub2 on "sde1" from which one start all Linux through chainloads. Grub2 must be indipendent (no "update-grub", no "scripts", no start of Vista), black/white screen and entries for: Linux1-8, Restart & Shutdown.
The RESULTS.txt show me (during previouse tests) the install on "sde6" as "hd4,msdos6" nevertheless i would use the UUID instead of or additionally in order to be sure to pick the right partition with the right OS and latest Kernel & Initrd.

Could you (maybe) provide me sailor-proof instructions to complete successfull my plan?

Thanks in advance and greetings. Arny

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