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lnxusr01 07-13-2003 06:21 PM

GRUB / NTLDR problem dual booting
I know this topic has been posted here before but...

I have been trying to dual-boot Win2k and Red Hat 9 using one of two methods - either with NTLDR or with GRUB, and have been unable to get either to work. I can boot Win2k just fine, but NTLDR won't load Linux. Selecting Linux in NTLDR gives me a message along the lines of 'Windows 2000 was unable to load. Please check to see if \system32\ntoskrnl.exe is present.' (Sorry I didn't write it down, you get the idea.)

Both OSs work just fine on their own. I can get to Linux just fine by using a boot disk, or by changing the boot sequence in BIOS, but I want at least one of the bootloaders to work for me. Using the GRUB method, I don't think I am specifying the correct location for my Win2k partition in the grub.conf file. Win2k should be booting from /dev/sda1 but I'm not sure I am translating that correctly into grub.conf.

Here is the breakdown of my HDDs and partitions:

SCSI ID 0 - Win2k - 2 partitions - NTFS
IDE Pri Master - RH Linux - 3 partitions - ext3
IDE Pri Slave - Extra storage for Win2k - 1 partition - FAT32

I would love to get out of this without having to alter the MBR on my Win2k partition - I'm not sure if I want to keep Red Hat right now or try another distro (RH9 is pretty slow).

Thanks very much for any help!

Mathieu 07-14-2003 01:12 PM

Yes, this topic is everywhere...:eek:

You can install GRUB in the MBR of the primary IDE and go from there.
You will also need to map the disks.

In this forum, do a search for dual boot grub, you will find many Threads concerning your question.

Also, if you need more information concerning GRUB configuration, the GRUB Manual :study: is available.

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