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*I*A* 02-20-2008 05:19 PM

Grub loading stage 1.5 error 21.
I get this error when trying to boot back up into windows i had ubuntu installed on another drive and it hasent worked. i tried going back to windows and this is the error i got. I looked arround for an answer and i saw something about using my win xp cd to restore but when i put that in it says it cant find a drive. when i try to install ubuntu it can see the drive. any ideas as to why windows cant see the drive?

Drakeo 02-20-2008 08:38 PM

put windows disk in do not install go to the dos prompt type fdisk mbr then type restore mbr. your back in bussines and next time use a real linux distro like slackware. I have had so much trouble. with the Ubuntu distro's lately not sure whats up with that seems there is alot out there I use it with two other distro and I found xbuntu has some real problems . but alot of people think it is there computer or knowledge. good luck.

*I*A* 02-20-2008 11:34 PM

i got into doss by creating a doss floppy. but when i type in fdisk mbr i get bad command or file name.

uncle-c 02-21-2008 07:10 AM

Did you type fdisk mbr ? The correct command should be fdisk /mbr.


Drakeo 02-21-2008 10:07 AM

then do a restore mbr make sure you go to the C;\ cd ;\ sence you had windows I figured you new all the windows stuff sorry. put the disk in and do a restore good luck. not a windows fan all I ever did was fix them.

*I*A* 02-21-2008 03:00 PM

Thanks a lot for the help guys i finally got it worked out after running the dos off the disk and using the drivers disk for my mb sata settings. Next time im just gona run linux on an old box i have so i can learn about it.

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