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spider_jerusalem 09-23-2007 06:35 PM

grub/lilo help please, needed, install SUSE on USB
I have a HP notebook with Vista installed. After trying several live distros, I found SUSE did the best job of finding hardware.
I want to install SUSE to an external 80GB HD, and avoid having the install touch the MBR or any other data on that drive. I figure I can just switch the boot order when I start the system and want to change the OS.
I did the install, and it came to the boot loader selection, and this is where my newbie brain farted.
Lilo or Grub? makes no difference to me. Should I do any editing? Will just the defaults work and leave my Vista drive untouched, or do I manually tell the install to write to the USB's MBR? etc, etc.

Many thanks upfront.

bigrigdriver 09-25-2007 09:50 AM

You have two options:
1) do as you suggest, and switch boot order on power up, or
2) set up Vistas bootloader to give you the option of booting vista or Lin ux. search on vista/Linux dual boot. You should turn up instructions on how to configure vista bootloader.

When you install Suse to the external drive, install grub to the root partition, and not to the MBR. "root partition" is the boot sector of the Linux partition, not the MBR of the external drive, unless the instructions for setting up vistas bootloader to boot Linux tell you otherwise.

My personal choice of bootloader is grub. I've used both grub and lilo. I find grub easier to work with.

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