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Dark_Master 11-04-2006 05:30 PM

GRUB Error 26: Disk Read Error (using grub4dos and ubuntu)
Hey there everyone, in short, my problem is the following, I have XP installed on a partition (c and ubuntu installed on another partition (it was installed b4 XP) I tried using grub4dos and initiating it from the boot.ini, the GRUB worked fine but the when it tries loading ubuntu it gives me an error message -> Error 26: Disk Read Error
So what should I do?

P.S. I got another thread with the same name, but though I'd post in this section too, hope I am not violating any rules by doing so

syg00 11-04-2006 06:04 PM

Multiple posting is a definite nono - one of the mods will pass by and slap you.
The rules are in the menus on the right.

Tinybit used to run his own forum, but this may be more a grub problem than his. Can you post your menu.lst and "fdisk -l" output. From a liveCD is fine, so long as it's the hard disk menu.lst.

Tinkster 11-07-2006 12:58 PM

Please post your thread in only one forum. Posting a single thread in the most relevant forum will make it easier for members to help you and will keep the discussion in one place. This thread is being closed because it is a duplicate.

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