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skunky 05-29-2006 12:08 PM

grub error 17
In installing fedora core 5,disk 1 completed,disk 2 onlygot started and stopped showing grub error 17. It's stayed that way for hours and keyboard won't do anything. Please help.
Thank you,

BobNutfield 05-29-2006 12:49 PM


Welcome to LQ!

The grub error you are referring to (error 17) means an unrecognized file system. Are you installing for a dual boot with Windows? If so, please post again and explain how you have your disk partitioned. If it is stopping after the first disk during the install, I believe it may be confused with your partitioning.

Post a little more information (what happens when the first disk completes and what happens as soon as you insert the second disk and what the screen shows before it gets to the error.)


skunky 05-30-2006 11:44 PM

I tried to send you an email-,told my geek my dilemma, said bring unit to him and would throughly check out pc and cds. However Bob,I sure do thank you for all your time and thoughts and email.

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