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Madz 06-18-2007 01:40 PM

GRUB 22 and 21 error when trying to format.
Hello all.

I have a problem with the UBUNTU that was installed in my computer. About a year or 2 ago a friend install Windows XP. He recomemded Ubuntu from Linux and said that when I turn on my computer I will get the option of starting up either XP or UBUNTU. I figured hey that sound great, do that.

Everything worked fine for a while but every time, without fail, that I started UBUNTU it would freeze on me after 20minutes to an hour or working in it. So, I left it alone and only worked with XP. I never got around to have it fixed because no one is ever available to help me with it.

Recently (about 4-5 months now) I had a problem with my XP and I wanted to format my 80gig. Now it gives me a GRUB 22 error or a GRUB 21 error.

I believe he had partitioned a 10 gig and put UBUNTU there so I don't understand why it gives me the GRUB errors on my 80gig I have a second 80gig that I want to put in my computer but that one also gives me a no disk found error.

I really want to have this thing fixed. I don't know much about computers but I get by. I also do not have much cash but have decided on getting one of those barebone computers and just use my 80 gigs but if I can't even format that...

Lotsa help would be mucho appreciated.

Thanks in advance


pixellany 06-18-2007 02:53 PM

It sounds like GRUB was installed to the MBR as part of setting up dual-boot. If you re-formatted the drive, you may have lost the GRUB config file.

What is the current setup? i.e. what partitions, what operating systems?
Can you boot into anything?

You can get back to Windows by booting from the Windows install CD--rescue mode-- and running "fixmbr"

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