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BigAL2006 10-17-2006 11:16 PM

GProftpd Question
I'm still trying to learn Linux. I'm using Ubuntu. I want to start up my own FTP Server under linux.

I'm trying to get "GProftpd" to work, but I get an error saying "GProftpd" could not find proftpd.conf or you are using the basic configuration which doesn't have all features that gproftpd's default configuration has.

At the bottom it says "Do you want to overwrite proftpd.conf with GProftpd's default configuration?". "Hit Yes or No. When I hit No i get a box that says "Can't open shells for writing /bin/false here: /etc/shells.

Please help

AwesomeMachine 10-18-2006 01:10 AM

Gproftpd stands for gnome Proftpd. This package is a front end for the Proftpd stand alone ftp server. You need to have Proftpd installed to use the front end. This being the case, you should have proftpd.conf in /etc. If it isn't there you have a problem. I would say, it is probably not the best idea to run an ftp server in linux before you know a single thing about security. It's kind of like taking out a motorcycle, flat out, without ever having used the brakes. You want to get used to linux, and get some sense before you open yourself up to the whole internet having an open port to your machine.

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