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greengrocer 07-18-2006 09:09 AM

Google Earth produces 'holes' in planet earth
Hi all,

Some info here also relates to my other thread "cursor ghosts".

I was experiencing mouse cursor ghosts appearing in GIMP images when the mouse pointer was rolled over an image. Also when I was editing posts in my web browser or editing URLs in the address bar, I would get odd vertical lines appearing, somewhat like this:


So, I installed the nvidia-glx driver using

apt-get install nvidia-glx

I then edited my xorg.conf file so that it uses the nvidia-glx driver.

The cursor ghosting problem was fixed, but now Google Earth has gone crazy.

What happens is holes appear in the Planet Earth and all of the maps or tiles get scattered around. Basically Antractica appears where Ayres rock should be, Bits of Africa appear in Europe etc.

Google Earth works all be it jumpy and jittery if I use the "nv" driver, but then I have to put up with cursor ghosting.

Does anybody know how I can have my cake and eat it too with Google Earth working and no cursor ghosting/artifacting problems?


Dragineez 07-18-2006 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by greengrocer
What happens is holes appear in the Planet Earth

I hope it's not just being prescient!

You wouldn't happen to be running compiz?

greengrocer 07-18-2006 08:27 PM

Hi Dragineez,

I have no idea if I am running Compiz.

What is Compiz? and how do I determine if I am running it?

This is an Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) system with the usual Gnome desktop. (Maybe that info will help too ;)


Dragineez 07-18-2006 09:54 PM

Compiz is an implementation of the new compositing window manager xgl display technology. Ultra-cool, but new and some apps don't seem to play nice. If you were running it, you would know. Especially considering how hard it is to get to run on Breezy.

Since you've already updated by video card driver and it appears to work, I'm out of ideas.

greengrocer 07-18-2006 10:25 PM

Interesting, I have the same Google Earth problem with another machine here running Debian 3.1 (Sarge) with Gnome Desktop and the older 2.4.x.x Kernal.

The Debian machine has an ATI Rage card, so this problem is not limited to Nvidia cards/driver on the Ubuntu machine.

Google Earth website claim that they have tested Google Earth working perfectly on an Ubuntu 5.10 machine. I wonder what the exact Operating Environment of that machine was?

Do you think that the official Ubuntu "nvidia-glx" drivers obtained through apt-get are any different to the tar package that I could download from Nvidia themselves?

rkelsen 07-18-2006 11:57 PM


Originally Posted by greengrocer
I have no idea if I am running Compiz.

What is Compiz? and how do I determine if I am running it?

There will be a large pile of hair on the floor near your computer desk which has been manually extracted from your head.

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