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neilemac 05-03-2012 08:09 AM

Google Chromium Toolbar
Using recently installed KDE OS with new Chromium browse; There isn't a toolbar in the header, nothing like what is offered in other browsers. What do I do to install one? Info online like but can't find "specific window" to complete the exercise. I want a toolbar. How do I add it???

weibullguy 05-03-2012 10:31 AM

If you hit the wrench in the upper right corner of Chromium, select Preferences, then go to Personal Stuff and look under Appearance there is an option to "Use system title bar and borders". Select this option and you will achieve the same thing as is achieved in the link you posted.

neilemac 05-03-2012 11:31 AM

Didn't work ...still no toolbar
What can I say, had already been beneath the 'wrench' and had that option clicked but to no avail it seems. Grrrr; have a cyber guru who installed a new drive yesterday but doesn't use KDE himself. I need it to use DigiKam for my digital camera. Guru was only guessing on some configs my guess. But had hoped to find out an answer to my query here as I had done in the past without asking his input. Have to learn on my own sometime, yes? But never know the exact question to ask on this forum. Thank you for trying, though. Shall continue searching forums and hopefully find an answer elsewhere. Regardless, be well, and thanks again. :study:

If anyone else reads this and has an inkling about what to do, your response would also be greatly appreciated.

headrift 05-03-2012 12:39 PM

What kind of "toolbar" are you looking for? The system toolbar, a bookmarks toolbar, or a search box type toolbar?

If you need a system toolbar, it's what poster #2 above said. If it's a bookmarks toolbar, right-click your bookmarks on the new tab page and check the "Show Bookmarks Bar" box. If it's a search box type toolbar, Chromium works a little differently. You search from the main address bar.

It's hard to know what functionality you're looking to find.

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