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minm 07-19-2004 08:10 AM

Gonna be living in residence for university, i have a question.
Hey, I currently run SuSe, i will be going to live at my university residence and my question is if my O/S will be able to connect to the university network for the internet, etc.


minm 07-19-2004 08:12 AM

opps, i think i posted this in the wrong forum, if someone can move that would be great :)

b0uncer 07-19-2004 08:14 AM

hum..why wouldn't it then? :) I can't see any reason..

minm 07-19-2004 08:26 AM

hmm, well i just want to know, so i don't sramble at the last minute, would i have to do any special configurations, or would i just plug in the network cable and that's it?

acid_kewpie 07-19-2004 08:58 AM

how are we supposed to know how your future university intranet works??

minm 07-19-2004 09:08 AM

Well, they say it will work as long as your network card is compatible with your O/S, but for linux, would i expect there be any 'advanced' configuration..

sorry if this is too noobish, but this is the newbie board.

XavierP 07-19-2004 09:21 AM

Your university is very vague (or words things badly) - "it will work as long as your network card is compatible with your O/S"?? I read this as meaning "it will work if you can get your network card to work".

Speak to the sys admins at the university - frankly, only they can tell you the ins and outs of network access at your university.

mijenks 07-19-2004 09:40 AM

I suppose a vague question deserves a vague response.

I'm 99% sure you will be able to connect. You may have to run /sbin/dhcpcd or other dhcp client when you first plug in. If not running already, set it to run at boot. Once you figure out which dhcp client you use, do ifconfig eth0 up and that should make you all set.

If your uni statically assigns IPs (doubt it), you can set your IP manually in network config files. Don't know where SuSE puts them, but you don't learn how to administer a system by just sitting around . . . search for the configs and read the comments in the files. They're usually helpful.

Good luck.

minm 07-19-2004 09:42 AM

Thanks :)

jax8 07-19-2004 10:29 AM

It may not work

You may need a Novell client to log in or something

mijenks 07-19-2004 10:36 AM


I doubt it considering that the only requirement is that your NIC works with your OS.


Have you gotten your system to connect at home? And what is your setup, if you have?

minm 07-19-2004 10:59 AM

mijenks, PPPoE is my setup at home.

mijenks 07-19-2004 01:56 PM

This is probably how your home is set up:

ISP gives you a dynamic address (or you pay extra for a static one) and your cable modem acts as a router/gateway for your home computer (SuSE) and your comp uses a dhcp client (dhcpcd or otherwise) to get its address.

Since you are using PPPoE, and most schools use 10/100 switches and ports, you should have no trouble whatsoever. It will be perhaps even easier to use than with your ADSL/Cable setup. Remember that Linux is based on UNIX, which began as a multiuser, networked system, so it has no trouble at all in Intranet/ethernet setting.

minm 07-20-2004 02:23 AM

ah ok cool
It did state they use 10/100 switches

THanks for the help :)

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