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J_Szucs 08-05-2002 03:34 PM

Glib and gtk installation problem
I downloaded and installed glib 1.2.10 from source on SuSe, as follows:
- did not remove the old version before
- compiled from source (with no prefix)
- consequently, I think the binaries were installed to the default path, /usr/lib.
Now I think that there was something wrong with the installation, since an other application that requires glib 1.2.10 complained that it is missing. It actually gave the following message during .configure:
glib-conf returns 1.2.10 but a previous version of glib was found ...
and .configure stops.
I suspect that the right place of glib (and gtk) may be different in suse, not /usr/lib, but I am not sure.
Besides, even if I knew its right place, I do not know how to correct this problem.
Could you help me?

webtoe 08-05-2002 04:03 PM

You need to remove the old version. Hopefully you can do this via the SUSE package manager. Then run (as root) /sbin/ldconfig and things should run just peachy.


isajera 08-05-2002 04:46 PM

have you tried /usr/local/lib?

i remember having several badly caffeinated bouts with the configure scripts for those two libraries. for some reason, the glib and gtk configure scripts don't always work, and return 'package not found' type errors - is that what you're getting?

J_Szucs 08-06-2002 09:57 PM

Thanks! I actually had to remove the old version of glib and use ldconfig.

However, I did not reach my goal, as it turned out afterwards that there are 7 more lib dependencies (and possibly those have more dependencies). I do not have time to install them one by one and do not have disk space to install a new distro (and do not want to slow down my computer by the new distro, either).

Does anyone happen to know where to find an ancient version of NT downloader? I can only find versions from 1.20pre, which proved to be too new for my system. (I already had a previous version of NT on my machine but accidentally deleted it and the source is no longer available for me, either). I could not use the authors's web page, since my Opera 6.02 fails to correctly handle the menu system (javascript) of that page (although java is enabled).

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