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Sabeer 08-25-2003 12:58 AM

Giving a user rights Help!!!

I am a newbie
I need a clear picture of user rights

Suppose I create a file example.txt

I need to give permisssions for this file

for example

chmod g+rx example.txt
Let the group read and execute permissions to eaxmple.txt.

So if i give this group will be given read and execute

But which group?
Suppose there are 5 groups which I created
So will all the 5 groups will be give the above perimission

I need to give for only a particular group called sales

how would i mention that Sales group in the command

See can any one make me clear

I created a file example.txt

This file should should have all kind of permission for a user james and group sales

so for this I give chmod 770 file name

which means users and group is given full access

but users mean all the users in the system?
Groups means all the groups in the system?

I cannot understand this

I need to give only for james and the sales group

so in the command i do not find james and sales

ie is thers any command like chmod 770 james sales file name?

Please make me underatand in better way please


MasterC 08-25-2003 01:02 AM

Just of the group that owns the file. To view which group/user owns the file:
ls -l filename.txt

This should return something like this:

-rw-r--r--    1 masterc  users        178k May 30 05:22 logo.png
Which shows group 'users' owns that file, and has read priv's.

You can own the file to a different group in a number of ways:
chown (where user is the user to own it to, and group is the group to own it to) so for sales to own it:
chown root.sales filename.txt
Would change it so root owned it, and the group sales had access to it as well, with the permissions you give to the group owner.



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