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NL-Stitch 07-12-2004 11:41 AM

Ghost software : Linux Ghost server
I have this tough question.

I have a rig that runs debian testing.
I want to use it as a ghost server for my 15 other pc's
But witch LINUX ghost software makes images of a windows pc and put the the image on his own harddrive?And if 1 pc needs the image ( our company installs a new fresh image every week ) how do i get the image of the ghost server and install it automaticly on de windows rig?

please help me

We are running Symantec ghost enterprise edition on windows now.. but i don't like windows anymore.

auditek747 07-12-2004 12:18 PM


I've never used this and so can't endorse it but I
ran across it one day while looking for something
else and bookmarked it.
I guess you could read the pages and see if it's what
your looking for.

homey 07-12-2004 12:57 PM

I put partimaged which is the image server of partimage on my linux server. It is handy to also run dhcpd on the server.
Then I upload and download images by booting up with the system rescue cd and running partimage ( Note: without the d ) .

Here are my notes on setting up the partimaged server on Redhat. I don't know if this would be different on other distros.

One thing to watch out for is to have the same version server and client software or you may get an error.
Also, don't forget to make a password for the partimag user.

Unpack partimage-0.6.2.tar.bz2 and cd to the newly created directory called partimage-0.6.2
The instructions for configure are found in /redhat/partimage.spec as follows....
./configure –prefix=/usr –with-sysconfigdir=/etc \
--with-log-dir=/var/log –disable-ssl –enable-all-static
make install

Create the default user partimag with a password. Then run the following commands:
echo partimag >> /usr/etc/partimaged/partimagedusers &&
chown partimag /usr/etc/partimaged/partimagedusers &&
chmod 600 /usr/etc/partimaged/partimagedusers

Create a directory on the server which points to the location for saving the uploaded images. For example... mkdir /mnt/images
Then mount that partition with the command: mount /dev/hdb1 –t vfat /mnt/images
Start the server with the command: partimaged

NL-Stitch 07-16-2004 04:22 AM

I am still thinking of the subject . but is the next posible?

Server: ftp server

Client Step 1 : ghost to server.

i already have norton ghost 7 enterprise
i will lauch ghost and make a image of the partition on the client.
the image itself is going to the debian ftp server ( the ftp server only runs within my network)

Client Step 2 : image to client

i will instal a 3com boot menu and wil make a link to the image ..

i could give it a try......

NL-Stitch 08-01-2004 11:08 AM

nope.. my idea didn't work.. somebody else got an idea?

NL-Stitch 08-01-2004 02:06 PM

hmm i think i am going for the partimaged idea..

can i put teh start command in boot..
and if it's yes.. how?

homey 08-01-2004 06:39 PM

If you have a ghost server, it does work to send the images up to the server and to download them to a client machine. But that is a windows topic and you should have good success googling for ideas.

NL-Stitch 08-04-2004 11:22 AM

now i need somebody who has the balls to help with them 15 pc's

NL-Stitch 08-04-2004 12:43 PM


If you have a ghost server, it does work to send the images up to the server and to download them to a client machine. But that is a windows topic and you should have good success googling for ideas.
hmm.. i didn't found what i like to have found..

do you know the awnser ?

so.. how can i make the client get the image from the server then

client = running windows
server = debian testing

J22 02-02-2007 03:36 AM

Norton Ghost

See that you are also working with Ghost. Is there a way to mount a Ghost image in Linux and extract the data, like the ghost explorer?


Junior Hacker 02-02-2007 03:53 AM

J22 02-02-2007 04:20 AM

Thanks I'll give it a go


Junior Hacker 02-02-2007 05:07 AM

You won't regret it if you have good reading/comprehension skills

This product blows Ghost and dd out of the water.

Bar none. (No bones about it)

J22 02-02-2007 05:35 AM

On the restore side... can you only restore complete partitions or can you take specific files from the img file and save them on a different place?


Junior Hacker 02-02-2007 07:14 AM

If you want TAR, I suggest you use the tar features supplied with any Linux distro. As for your first post? I suggest

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