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jlucero42 07-12-2012 02:06 PM

getting started with linux and samba
I have created a new slackware server with samba running on it.

We have user groups (purlib, admlib, crlib, etc...) created with our users assigned to different groups. Everything works great between the users in there own groups.
Now when somebody from IT copies anything in to one of the groups, it gives the folder or file the rights of the ITLIB. I try to go in from the windows workstation and change the rights and it fails!? The user has Admin rights and I even put myself in the root group.

What are we doing wrong?

lithos 07-12-2012 03:59 PM


I can't tell you how to do it, but just point you to a Samba3 guide here. Maybe you find something that will help you out.

I wish you good luck

Best regards.

jlucero42 07-20-2012 10:48 AM

Ok. I got some help from my friend Dan B. I'm posting his email response here for all!

first, you have to know that there are three ways you can manage perms on samba: via smb.conf, unix perms, and acl perms.

smb.conf assumes that unix perms and acls are completely open. if unix perms or acls are restrictive, then you are limited by those restrictions.

unix perms are useful for setting the group inheritance, the 2 in 'chmod 2777 /path' the files under /path will all be created with same group.

acls are by far the most powerful. You'll have to read up on them. here are some examples:

# reset all facls
# setfacl -R -b /path

setfacl -d --set u::rwx,g::rwx,o::rwx /data/nmcourts_public/
setfacl -R -m u::rwx,g::rwx,o::rwx /data/nmcourts_public/

You'll have to figure out the best combination of the above to do what you want.

hope that helps a bit.

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