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jungleking 07-25-2006 10:26 AM

gDesklets - "Could not find sensor"
Hi all, I'm trying to install the desklet 'Verse of the Day', but when i try to install it (via the shell or terminal), I get the message

Could not find sensor 'Bible'

A sensor could not be found. This usually means that it has not been installed.

The file is there.
The dependency section of the file reads

I have bible installed, but how do I check for the other dependancies, if this is the problem?

b0uncer 07-26-2006 04:35 AM

Did you install Bible the same way you're installing this new desklet? I've encountered similar/same errors trying to use some desklets though I'm pretty sure the sensors are there. I hope this gets solved.. :) I have a thought that maybe the problem is, the desklets have been installed during the OS install, from a .deb, and not like they usually ought to be installed (through the gdesklets program?). Just a thought, anyway.

jungleking 07-26-2006 05:28 AM

Thanks for the reply, The Bible program was installed through synaptic, and runs when you type bible into terminal. As for the desklets install, the bible-desklet is in the gdesklets-data program, and I have even downloaded the tar.gz seperately and installed it from there, but I have the same problem. I've had a look at the source code (below) but I can't find anything why it won't run.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<display window-flags="sticky, below" bg-color="#00000020">
    author="Eric Galluzzo"
    description="Bible verse of the day, in configurable versions.  Automatically expands to fit the verse."
    name="Verse of the Day (No Theme)"

  <sensor id="b" module="Bible"/>

  <group id="all" x="0" y="0">
    <group id="top-left" width="10" height="10"/>
    <group id="main" relative-to="top-left, xy">
      <group id="light" bg-color="#00000030">
        <image id="icon" uri="gfx/bible.png" x="5" y="5"/>
        <label relative-to="icon, x" x="5" id="text" color="#ffffff" wrap-at="247" font="Sans 8" watch="value=b:text"/>
        <label relative-to="text, y" y="5" id="citation" color="#ffffff" font="Sans Italic 7" watch="value=b:citation"/>
        <group relative-to="text, x" width="5"/>
        <group relative-to="citation, y" height="5"/>
        <group relative-to="icon, y" height="5"/>
    <group id="bottom-right" relative-to="main, xy" width="10" height="10"/>

There is also a 'Psi' version, which also fails to run. Any ideas anyone?

jungleking 07-26-2006 05:47 AM

Yay problem fixed
Ok, I've now managed to fix the problem. I opened gdesklets-data with Ark, and looked in the /sensors/bible directory and compared the files in there with the files in my /usr/share/gdesklets/sensors/bible and found a to be missing! So I extracted the py file to the directory and it now works :D

tcv 07-26-2006 05:50 AM

Wow! Good find!

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