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schotch 04-08-2008 10:44 AM

Gateway FPD2185W monitor
Hello fellow Linux users. I'm running RH enterprise Workstation and would like to find out how to install the monitor referred to on the subject line. When I go to system settings and select display, it has all kinds of gateway monitors but not the FPD2185W (digital by the way). I have the book so I can look up the key specs but RH enterprise doesn't seem to have any "other" monitor type that you can fill out for yourself. Of course I'm a newbie which may be the reason that I can't find such a thing. Can anybody please tell me either (1) How to enter monitor specs on my own or (b) how to get a later bunch of monitor profiles including mine and install it so that my monitor appears in the list. If that makes any sense. Help on this will discover my gratitude. Many thanks in advance

Peter Schotch

aus9 04-24-2008 11:46 PM


since you state you can not find any other monitor I assume you also mean generic so you may need to run if X config tool does not work....a manual tool

most distros have such...try with root powers

xorgconfig (mine is in /usr/bin) and follow the prompts but before you do...make sure you have backup of your current file and know how to use a live cd to re-store its name if your new file causes a crash.

It is generally better to edit /etc/inittab to a runlevel (i am guessing redhat's) to a non-x one of 3?....your file may tell you.

the reboot....login and change to root and then run

if no command gets gui


then edit inittab back to old setting maybe runlevel 5

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