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Ye Myint 11-06-2008 03:04 AM

Gambas does not show startup form
For me to shift my windows self using small applications to Ubunt 8.04LTS, i try installing Gambas. i installed build-essential, Fakeroot and then download dpkg-dev packages and untar on my machine and configure it without any error returns. Then i install Gambas with no errors and a link to Gambas2 has been found on my Application->Programming menu. I click on Gambas2 and get a startup page with FMain form as start up project. i saved it and try run command but there's no FMain form starting up but have only tab-window page with Console,local variables, current objects,watch and breakpoints tabs pops up. Is there some installing or configure errors and any such suggestions to enable me using Gambas. Thanks in anticipation.

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